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you can't fly unless you let yourself fall
yeah i have no idea how to title things whoops
17th-Aug-2012 05:56 pm
There's actually nothing here, in case you didn't notice.
This journal is only here so I can participate in LJ events like big bangs and such and such. Yeah.
I draw sometimes?
You can find me most places under the same name.
Intro post?
Intro post.

Hi! I'm Kira, 19, avid fic reader and sometimes fan artist, if you could call my draws 'art'. I actually don't know how to do any sort of social anything, including intros, so please forgive the awkward.

I live near Portland, Oregon, of the USA. I love cats(currently living with 2.5 of them). If I had to choose between coffee and tea, I would probably not be able to give an answer.

My first fandoms were all anime, and lead to me taking Japanese classes during highschool, and I even took a class trip there for a few weeks. I'm slowly forgetting everything I've learned, but I can still speak a little of it.

Currently fangirling over Destiel and Spirk (and about a dozen side-ships, but these two are my main loves).

I don't know how to be active in any fandom though, and I don't know how to talk to people and make friends, so mostly I just sit around and read and draw. I'm trying to participate in more things and learn how to be social, but it's hard.

So yeah. That's me.

Everything else will be art posts for Big Bangs probably.

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