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you can't fly unless you let yourself fall
yeah i have no idea how to title things whoops
unfinished sketches 
19th-Aug-2012 06:21 pm
These are for this fic: http://thesewarmstars.insanejournal.com/75066.html
I only finished one drawing for the KSBB, but I had a bunch of ideas for draws I wanted to do, so I thought maybe I would share some of them. Only sharing the better ones, of course!
(I tried to clean them up some, but they're still kind of rough)
Definitely spoilers below.
Also badly drawn backgrounds.
You've been warned~

lol Kirk what even is your face. (but lookit a cute little sehlat plush daww)
oh and heres Spock Prime finding the Horta's tunnel-thing. lol look at that old man face how do you even draw old people.
Oh here I guess you can have a few Jim and Baby doodles too. (also bonus tribble, because I haaaad to.)
At one point David is sleeping on the floor in Bones' office. Way too cute.

wait wait I also have Jim in the closet somewhere let me go find it I know its here...

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